The majority of the look in “Document ‘Kaithel'” comes from Nuke.

In order to put all the CG elements into the shot. A full body rotoscope has to be done. Due to the tight schedule, more than 50% of the roto comes from verity of keyer. Using matchmoved set matte,a lot of keyers are assigned to a specific area where the color is relatively consistent.

By camera project different frames to a sphere and using Photoshop to patch covered areas, a clean background is crated for the CG set. Because of the over exposed original plate, another sky texture is been multiplied to give a more interesting look sky.

With the help of massive and specific RGB matte layers, change the look of each element became very easy. It took only few seconds to change a color on structure or make it more pronounced.

All the lighting relies on RGB light pass. It allows for fast rapid change without sacrifice long render time.

Using match moved camera, adding 2D elements is easy and fast. All the explosion are 2D elements on 3D card and then been placed at proper depth with proper cut out from the set geo.

After the approval, all the scan-line render and major section are been recomposed to 32bit exr file and then read back into correct position to reduce composite time.

Another precompose are been executed before motion blur and lens distortion node for spotting any fail or chance of improvement.